The Nasser Bin Hamad Triple Crown Series was launched in Dubai today with amazing performances from the world champions on the field.

The pre-race favorites Jan Frodeno (GER) and Daniela Ryf (SUI) claimed victory at the Ironman 70.3 Dubai for the opening series of the Nasser Bin Hamad Triple Crown. Though the gushing winds forced organizers to change the swim location and shorten it, Frodeno held the lead the whole way to the end while Ryf crossed her finish line first in 4:01:09.

The win has concluded these two as the only contenders for the Triple Crown which rewards $1 million to any athlete who can win all three races in the series. Ryf who took home the same $1 million prize last year is up on a winning streak again.

The Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown includes two more stages in Australia and in Bahrain this year which will determine the ultimate winner.