Nasser Bin Hamad Foundation

Nasser Bin Hamad Foundation was established in August 2012, to build the nation's human capital with the cooperation of international organisations and to act as a catalyst in nurturing young potential and promoting their talents and abilities in the fields of entrepreneurship, sport, education and social development. The Foundation aspires to reach out to youth of the Kingdom through many programmess designed for enhancing their knowledge, talents, social and entrepreneurial skills.


Since its inception, NBHF has embarked on a series of multi-faceted programmes under the overriding objective of the promotion of the wellness of the individual and the society as a whole. To achieve this objective, NBHF focused on building a strong base of highly talented and educated future leaders of Bahrain, whilst providing training courses for the public to increase their levels of knowledge and enhance their qualifications. Beyond this, it initiated programmes aiming at reinforcing the vitality of sports, education and entrepreneurship in steering the wheel of social development forward in the Kingdom of Bahrain and beyond.

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