A unique point-to-point triathlon, that passes by the Kingdom’s significant new and historic attractions.

IRONMAN® 70.3® Middle East Championship Bahrain promises to deliver one of the best triathlons in its distance, because it is simply more than just a sport event. It is a weekend that will keep you busy with interesting family specific side events, as well as a number of opportunities to see all participants in the entertaining opening and closing ceremonies.

The highlight and spotlight event will be a carefully designed swim, bike, and run course that will bring both locals and guests ever closer to the Middle Eastern history and heritage. The flat and fast point to point bike route itself will allow participants to register their visit to iconic buildings and attractions such as the first oil well in the Gulf. Before the year 1932, the region solely depended fishing, pearl diving, and limited farming for survival. However, everything changed tepidly at 1932 when oil was first discovered in The Kingdom of Bahrain, giving hope for more oil discoveries in nearby desert lands. The bike route will take a turn in the desert to visit the oil museum and oil well number 1, before heading to Bahrain International Circuit, home of the annual Bahrain Gran Prix Formula One race for T2

The excitement however doesn't end here. The Al Areen Wildlife Park is a reservation habitat for interesting Middle Eastern birds and animals. Participants will enjoy their run in and around the reservation in a touristic third leg before heading back after an enjoyable journey.

IRONMAN® 70.3® Middle East Championship Bahrain is the first IRONMAN® event in the region.

IRONMAN® 70.3® Middle East Championship Bahrain offers 40 qualifying slots for the 2016 IRONMAN® 70.3® World Championship in Australia.

Full details of IRONMAN® 70.3® Middle East Championship Bahrain are available by clicking here. IRONMAN® 70.3® Middle East Championship Bahrain