This serves as the code of conduct Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown's Participant shall follow while taking part in the Races, along with his/her responsibilities as a Participant in highly reputed sporting events by adhering to any and all instructions, rules, regulations, laws applicable for the duration of the Contest and specifically on the date and place of the Races, regardless of the issuing entity so long as it is involved implicitly or explicitly in the organization and/or conduct of the Races/Contest (the "Regulations") with respect to his/her way of conduct or any practices, that the Participant is prohibited from. The detailed of conditions are to be contained in Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown's Enrolment Agreement.


By applying to be considered as an Participant for the Triple Crown series, the Participant consents and agrees to the conditions, all provisions of each Triathlon organising body's current application, entry form, condition book, conditions and/or other application or agreement regarding the participation in the race, the terms of which are specifically incorporated herein by reference, and upon request shall execute all such applications and/or agreements before taking part in the races. Each organising body shall have the right to make all decisions regarding preferences and conditions with regard to its respective Race in its sole and absolute discretion and its decision shall be final.

1.1. Entries to Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown are received only upon the condition that the Participant will comply with the rules and regulations governing the triathlon races adopted by the organisers of each triathlon race wherebyeach Participant will comply with and abide by any decision of the organising body, the racing officials and/or the officers of the organising bodies regarding the interpretation and application of such rules and regulations.

1.2. Although the actions of the Participant that would primarily be considered a malpractice by Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown are 'pre-fixing or manipulation of the outcome of the any of the Races', guidelines shall also apply to other forms of malpractice such as betting, doping, and any other forms of cheating or other misconduct which are not morally accepted in the spirit of sports, by Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown and the values it adheres to or tolerated by the Kingdom of Bahrain.

1.3. It is understood and consented by the Participant that only the winner of all three (3) Races shall be entitled to the Prize Money. The winner shall not be allowed to carry forward or claim the Prize Money of one year in the contest held in the following year.

1.4. In the event that there is a tie at the finish line between participants, the participants shall be entitled to participate further in the Contest and in the event that there is more than one overall winner in the end, the Prize Money shall be shared amongst all winners equally.

Release and Indemnification

The Participant shall defend, indemnify and hold Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown, its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and their respective directors, partners, shareholders, employees managers, successors, agents, assigns, free and harmless from and against any and all liabilities, claims, damages, actions, judgments, including attorney's fee, arising out of or caused by:

2.1. breach of any obligations under his/her Enrolment Agreement, in whole or in part, and any bodily injuries which the Participant might sustain during the course of the Triple Crown.


3.1. Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown shall have complete access and rights to monitor all the activities of the Participant and the Participant shall not claim any privacy rights whatsoever.

3.2. Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown shall have the right to take action against the Participant suo motu without requiring any third party's permission to do so.

3.3. Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown shall have the right to control the Participant and the latter expressly agrees to submit any drug test whether pre-Race or post-Race that may be requested by Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown from time to time.

3.4. Nasser bin Hamad Triple Crown shall be entitled to conduct investigation on personal information about the Participant, including but not limited to his/her whereabouts before, during and after the Contest.